Prettier Than A Girl – Andrej Pejic

No Sense



I’ll let you judge.

Isn’t he pretty?

Yes, he.

He is a man.


I came across an article about him about late last year, but since I am not really into the Fashion Industry, I don’t give much interest as well as have much knowledge about it.

(Forgive me for being such a toad in a well.)

m(_ _)m

I just see him as a very beautiful young model and that’s it.

(Forgive me again for being shallow.)

m(_ _)m

However recently, I found this article.

 Oh Lord!

He is even prettier than the other female models on the runway!

( ꒪Д꒪)ノ


I wonder what he stuffed inside those fake boobies.



Believe it or not, this guy this born in 1991, meanings he is 21 years old this year, also meanings, he is younger than…

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