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Entertainment: Singer/Actor/Composer/Director KIM JAEJOONG

Kim Jaejoong (27 years old), member of JYJ and ex-member of TVXQ, enjoys a popularity not only in Korea or Asian countries, but all around the world. He won numerous awards during his singing and acting career. After spending a long time in this career and putting great effort to present the best for his fans, Kim Jaejoong nowadays became the most wanted person in many ways, as he was invited due to his explosive fame to the presidential palace in Turkey in 2012 along with the ex-president of Korea. He is considered the first Hallyu star to hold a fanmeeting in Turkey. Also, he was recently chosen to perform in the Arirang concert held in the Blue House with the presence of the president of Korea. Jaejoong recently released a new album called “Just Another Girl” [*Mistake. Just Another Girl is the single, while…

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