[REVIEW] XIA Redefines the Word ‘INCREDIBLE’ During Sydney Concert!

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It’s September 28th, the date K-Pop fans all around Australia having been waiting for!

Like any other concert, the fans came rushing in to be the closest they can to their beloved idols. However, tonight’s concert is Australia’s first ever taste of JYJ, with Junsu, also known as Xia, taking to the stage to give Aussie fans a night they’ll never forget!

After the curtains dropped to the floor, nothing could calm down the fans as Xia made his incredible stage entrance! The entrance video beforehand gave the fans an idea of what to come, and the crowd’s first glimpse of Xia was him in his eminent presence on his ‘throne’.

The first song performed was the intense ‘Tarantallegra’ which proved Xia’s incredible and precise dance skills, and that of his talented back-up dancers. Needless to say, the fans were going crazy and the concert barely even started! The next song…

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