[NEWS] 130702 Top 3 Male Kpop Idols with 4D Personalities – Kim Jaejoong

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4D stands for four dimensional and it’s a K-pop term used to describe idols with unique personalities that differentiate them from the rest of the stars. In other words, it means those who think, act, and feel differently than how “normal” people react to things; whether it be their answers, responses, etc. that deviate from the conventional way of thinking. Here are list of the idols who are known for their 4D personalities.

Kim Hyun Joong may be known for his pretty boy looks, superstardom, and dance moves, but aside from the cool characteristics that make up this singer, Hyun Joong is everyone’s favorite 4D personality idol. He may be soft spoken but Hyun Joong is known for his aloof ways and harmless blunt comments. For example, he once told Girls Generation’s Jessica that he found her sister, f(x)’s Krystal, prettier than she. He’s also admitted to surfing the web…

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