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Through his roles in dramas such as ‘Protect the Boss‘ and ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin‘, JYJ‘s Jaejoong has proven his competence as a formidable actor. However, he recently revealed in an interview that he wanted to try something different after his more serious roles.

This urge led him to consider ‘Code Name Jackal’ (directed by Bae Hyung Joon), where he would be able to play a more comedic character. I always want to show something new about myself,” he confessed. “With ‘Code Name Jackal’, I wanted to do that. I’ve always played serious, heavy roles, so I wanted to spread the word that there are other sides of me, too.

“Through my character [in ‘Code Name Jackal’], I wanted to play a more trickster, sarcastic role,” he revealed. “A lot of my personal self is melted into my ‘Jackal’ character.

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