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The fan meeting was held in MEIS and I arrived there exactly at 4:00 PM. When I was looking for the venue, the security directed me to go straight to the 3rd floor since he thought that I was one of the crew. But I am not Sir 😀 After I got out from the taxi, I saw many sellers who were selling fangoods such as poster, t-shirt, pin, light stick, etc. But since I knew that there was an official goodies booth, I went straight to the mentioned location. However, the only official goods left was only the t-shirt while everything has been sold out. Oh well, it was better than nothing at all. Thus, I bought the t-shirt 🙂 After that, I went to KJJ_INA to get the banner, light stick and bangle for I’ll Protect You project. Everything was green and I loved it.

I decided…

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